Welcome to my home,

My name is Alessia Coletta Ai Ling Joy or simply Lissi, as I prefer to call myself. Hand-made from clay and wood, held together by wires and screws, my body makeup may be on the stiffer side yet, my free spirit makes up for any potential physical limitations. I believe that dreams can come true and I am crazy about violet. If it was just for colour preference I would probably dress myselfe from head to toe with this mystical colour. However,  too much of one thing usually takes away it’s appeal. Hence, I chose to pair my violet accessories with a vibrant red dress. Wearing red also comes with the benefit of getting noticed. This is of especially great value to me, as I am living my life amongst people multiple times my height. I am keen to explore the world in all its diversity, curious  to meet people form different walks of life and determined to share the joy from within me.

I am currently living with the Limacher’s, a family of five. Together, we travel Australia in a caravan. Under My Stories you can read all about this amazing journey. Alternatively,  visit the Gallery for a visual tour of my adventures. More factual articles on selected topics and background information can be accessed via Backstage.

Now, grab yourself a cup of tea -or coffee if you prefer-, sit back into your favourite chair and dive with me into a world full of wonders and joy.

Lissi Joy

Lissi in forrest clover